About Us

Eric and Albert's Limited


We're a small family business based in the hills of Wales:
We are a small husband (Martin) and wife (Rebecca) family run business, crafting and designing our timeless wooden toys with our son in tow! We live in mid Wales making our little creations in our Workshop and Studio in the hills. 
Over the years we have grown a small team within our Eric and Albert family helping us to reach demand and send our little treasures to the furthest corners of the globe!
Made slowly, intentionally and sustainably, by hand.... and of course with dashings of love!
We carry out everything in house with our small team, from designing, making, packaging, marketing and everything in between! Each toy is carved individually and hand painted resulting in unique pieces and characters. All our wood is grown sustainably in the UK to minimise our carbon footprint and ensure we are using local resources. We bring our pieces to life with a splash of colour and detail using all natural, vegan, plant based stains ensuring that there are no nasties on our toys. 
Quality over quantity, we want our toys to last generations!
 We launched our company in December 2017 with our original Winter Collection and our the rest is history! As our following grew so did our range and we now have approximately 200 products and still growing. We love listening to our customers to hear what they want next, making sure that little imaginations are fuelled for years with family favourites pieces made to last and be passed on.
Our sustainable, UK based, toy loving, wood loving tribe!
We love to think of our business and our brand as a family. Indeed even our name - "Eric and Albert" was inspired by our two creative Grandad's who shaped our childhoods with all things creative and crafty! Eric was Rebecca's late Grandad who was an amazing artist and taught her to paint from a very young age. Albert was Martin's late Grandad who was forever tinkering in the shed at the end of the garden, creating latest inventions! We like to think they're proud of the brand and family we've built around us.