Collection: The Elementals

Introducing "The Elementals" - our brand new limited edition collection. 
Representing the four elements of the Earth, we have four very special mythical creatures and Tree of Life that we'll be launching on Sunday the 13th August at 8pm (UK BST). 
We're making these in order to invest in some new tools to help streamline the business further and we'll be running the whole campaiign a bit like a mini Crowdfunder. However it will be set up directly from our own website in order to make orders more streamlined and allow combined postage on products ordered together from the collection. There will be a limited number and they will be one offs, never to be repeated just like our first big Crowdfunder. We will be making a certain number of each and those will be pre-order spaces only. Once those pre order opportunities have gone they won't be made again. As they are more complex and time consuming pieces we will be offering them as pre order only with an estimated delivery time between 6-12 months. Some may head out before then but we're not making any promises this side of Christmas due to it being such a busy time of year in retail. 
As they are pre-ordered items with a long turnaround time please be aware that if you add any other items in your basket at the time they won't be shipped until the pre-ordered items are shipped. Please place a separate order if you wish to order items from our standard and recieve them within the usual dispatch times
To meet the new characters of the Eric and Albert family have a look below!
Our collection includes: Phoenix representing Fire, Pegasus representing Air, Forest Stag representing Earth, Water Horse representing Water and our seasonal Tree of Life.
These pieces will be available to pre-order as a set and individually. We know how hard it can be sometimes to get what you want when there are limited numbers of things in a launch so we're trying to make it as easy as possible to limit any disappointment. The pieces won't be limited to how many each person can order as we understand that people like to club together and encourage minimising carbon footprints with fewer parcels.
The wings on the Phoenix and Pegasus are securely fixed to ensure they pass toy safety tests and to ensure their longetivity as a toy. The Tree of Life comes in three pieces that is easy to piece together making a fun educational toy as well as making it easy for storage and sending. 
Unfortunately we cannot accept refunds on these items as they are pr-order limited editions. With the exception of damaged items.