Covid-19 Update

 Covid-19 Update

Given the current situation across the world we are taking necessary steps in line with all governmental guidance to ensure that we are keeping everyone safe. However, we would like to reassure all our customers that we are still maintaining the production of our toys, continuing to dispatch trade orders to retailers and our website is still open as usual. Please be advised that due to the high demand and reduced capacity we have had to increase our turnaround time to 4-6 weeks. 

Due to the lock down of the country and to stay in line with the social distancing and self isolation recommendations our small team of staff has been significantly reduced to just myself and Martin. Having such a discrete workforce on an every day basis means every member is vital and therefore we have very little contingency in such an unprecedented event. Therefore, it has unfortunately resulted in a reduction in our production. Along with the closure of nurseries we are now juggling childcare as well as our usual numerous hours committed to our little company. However we are working all hours and trying to balance everything as best we can in order to maintain levels of production as much as we possibly can.

We are avoiding any unecessary trips to the post offices, trying to post all that we can via letterboxes to avoid public places and where possible we are arranging couriers to pick up parcels. By condensing our trips as much as possible it does mean that we are reducing the frequency of drop offs to post offices and therefore there may be a slight delay to the dispatch period.

Due to the high volume of requests we are still aiming to provide a final batch of the limited edition Easter bunny and eggs over the coming week. These will be ready made and ready to send in order to ensure that they will be with customers in time for Easter, although we cannot guarantee that will be the case for overseas given the current situation. In terms of international shipping we are continuing to take orders and are ensuring that we stay up to date with all updates worldwide and check daily for all relevant countries we are sending to. If there is a concern about delays and suspensions to mail services we are contacting customers individually about their particular order to discuss the options of sending the order or delaying it until restrictions are lifted. However, we largely haven’t had to result to this yet with the exception of a few Italian parcels and will ensure we continue to stay abreast of any news and keep all our customers up to date of any changes.

We have decided to regularly play a selection of games and run competitions on our social media pages to bring a bit of joy to all those in lock down and self isolation across the world. Whilst we wish we could do a lot more we hope it will bring our little community of wonderful supporters together at a time we all crave a bit of fun and communication.

Stay safe and take care and thank you for your continuing support. ❤